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We have been waiting for you for a long time to tell about Kučuri mill, built by our great – grandfather Gusts Mednis in 1875, to show  mill facilitiesand a collection of old things and give a rest in a marvellous nature corner encircled by a goodness atmosphere of our forefathers.
Let’s meet in «Kučuru dzirnavas!»!

A hostess Daina and a host Jānis Medņi
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Gusts MednisGusts Mednis, the great–grandfather of the present host Jānis Mednis has worked as a carpenter at Lautere’s baron who assigned land as a reimbursement for work at the bank of Viešupīte (the only river which flows out from the lake Kaķītis). On the river Gusts has dug a pond and in 1875 there is built Kučuri mill.

Jūlijs ar bērniemGust’s son Jūlijs has three sons-Jānis, Milda and Marta. KāzasIn 1934 Jānis Mednis marries Olga Niedrīte. In the family there were born Zigurds, Indra and Dzintra. Mednis family is occupied with grain grinding and a saw-frame service. In 1937 the mill is modernized - there is bought  a water turbine from Kukainis company in Rīga. On March 25 1949 Mednis family is deported to Siberia – Amūras BildeJāņa Medņa bēresprovince at the river Zeja. Jānis Mednis dies in Siberia in 1954 and has not seen the birth of his  youngest son Jānis Mednis. In 1957 Olga returns back with four children to Latvia but not to Kucuri mill because of the government politics.

Atgūtā īpašuma sakopšana(kūts)Atgūtā īpašuma sakopšana(kūts)
In 1990 there are rehabilitated Jānis Mednis rights to father’s property and there is made a farm with a land area of 40.9 hectar. 1995.gada Jāņos Olga Medne ar dēlu Jāni un mazbērniem Ģirtu, Inesi un IlziJānis maļ graudusTill 2000 there is active grain grinding  and groats splitting and then little mills have to stop their action because of the competition of big mills.

In 2001 Daina and Jānis join to the association “Latvijas ceļotājs” and on June 29 they have their first customers in the little country bath-house.

In 2003 the old mill is reconstructed into a guest house and on June 6 there is the first celebration.

In 2008 there is built a log holiday house.


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 Golden comrades of association „Lauku ceļotājs”zaļā sertifikāta īpašniekiwe locate in Vestiena region of  special protection landscapeThe winners of association „Lauku ceļotājs” contest „Best host”

The winners of  Environment Ministry contest „Sējējs”(2006) The thanksgiving of LTV 1  for help in a film „Likteņa līdumnieki” shooting


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